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Part One : READING (15pts)
Read the text then do the activities:
Cordoba, Granada, Sevilla… were brilliant centres of learning. Students, from as far as England and continental Europe, came there to study. Roger Bacon, an English specialist of experimental science was among them and held that learning Arabic was essential to scientific progress. Many of the greatest minds of the Islamic and Arab sciences were produced there. Andalusian mastered mathematics, geometry, physical science, astronomy and medicine. The idea that the earth is round was Moorish not Christian. They also put down the foundations of the history of science. The Andalusians were famed as craftsmen, farmers and breeders of horses and livestock. The Andalusian Arabian was the finest horse known to Europe. They introduced fruit as oranges, lemons, cotton, mulberry and olive trees to Europe and led the medieval world in agricultural revolution. It is said that many of the olive trees on the hills today were planted by Moorish hands. They mastered water-works, produced metals, built ships worthy of the Atlantic, mosques and other edifices that will be admired until the end of time. Silks, textiles, leather goods, ceramics, perfume burners, jewellery were some of the products they fashioned.
Moorish architecture and fine art developed traditional models. The Great Mosque of Cordoba and the majestic palace '' El Hamra'' are evidence of this distinctive originality.
During its golden age, Al Andalus was powerful on land and sea. For centuries, because of its strength, it enjoyed an economic prosperity that eclipsed the former achievements of the Roman Spain. The Islamic civilization in Iberia lasted more than eight hundred years- from 711 until the fall of Granada in 1492- but Muslim influence there, lasted longer. The greatest lessons Al Andalus teaches us are the nobility of toleration and the harmonious coexistence between people and faiths. The history of Al Andalus also shows the absolute necessity of unit and cooperation: a lesson that some refuse to learn.
Umar Faruq Abd Allah Wyman-Landgraf ( Seeds of knowledge)
A- Comprehension (7pts)

1- Choose the best answer according to the text:
A- The Europeans came to Al Andalus
a- In search of knowledge b- to meet the prince c- to visit Cordoba's mosque

B- The Moors are: a- the Arabs b- the Andalusians c- the Europeans

C- The Arabic settlement in Al Andalus lasted:
a- eight hundred centuries b- eighty centuries c- eight centuries

2- Answer the question below according to the text:
a- what fields did the Moors develop in Al Andalus?
b- Why did students choose Al Andalus to further their studies?
c- What does the Andalus teach to all the world?

3- In which paragraph is it mentioned that the Moorish civilization will remain an enriching element forever?

4- Complete the following table according to the text:
Moors' production Jobs
Cooper plates- carpets


Oranges- lemons-cotton a- ?

b- horse breeders

c- ?

B- Text Exploration Sad 8pts)

1- Find in the text words whose definitions follow:
a- very intelligent people (1§)
b- Good fortune and success (3§)

2- Complete the table bellow.
Nouns Verbs
? Example to exist
a- ?
b- ?
c- to produce

3- A -Ask the question that the underlined words answer:
a- the Moors developed all kinds of sciences.
b- Islamic civilization in Spain lasted more than eight hundred years.

B- Combine the pairs with the appropriate connector: as soon as / although
a- the Andalusians left Al Andalus hundreds of years ago. The Andalusian influence is still there.
b- The Phoenicians arrived in Phoenicia. They become dwellers

4- Classify the verbs bellow according to their final ''ed'' pronunciation
Founded – burned – produced –admired –lasted – enjoyed.

5- Fill in the gaps with five items from the list: much – many – more – most – little- less – few.
Arabo Muslim civilization attracts the Europeans' attention……than in the past. What fascinate them ……are the great monuments and the gardens that tourists visit every year. For ……of them a travel to Spain doesn't cost ……….besides, the Alcazaba, Al Hamra Palace and the Generalife Gardens are worth visiting. If you ask any European if he has visited Spain, very …….will answer '' No''.

Part two : writing (5pts)

Write a composition of about twelve to fifteen lines on one of the following topics

Topic one: Granada didn't fall into the Christians hands. The Andalusians didn't leave Al Andalus in 1492. Al Andalus continued flourishing and prosperity extended to Europe and the rest of the world.
Imagine and describe these parts of the world, today. How would life be like?

Topic two: write a composition about an ancient civilization that fascinates you most. Write about its period of time, the place, the inventions and discoveries made by its people, the cities and monuments built and the people's beliefs.

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